My vision is to enhance health globally by improving the linkages between scientific evidence, other knowledge and decision-making. 

My main goals are 

  • to INFORM about new developments and ongoing challenges
  • to INSPIRE to break out of common thinking and enhance the development of new ideas and creativity.
  • to CONNECT stakeholders from all sectors involved in Global Health in networks and by meetings
Mathias Bonk
Mathias Bonk @MathiasBonk @AniShakari 1. My predictions 4 candidates supported by web research 2. Using 2 scenarios 3. my calculations - all only exemplary, of course Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 12h
Mathias Bonk
Mathias Bonk @MathiasBonk Race for #globalhealth top job is on, open & unpredictable - Thoughts & calculations for #WHODG election next week… t.co/wTQCENZmoA Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 13h
Mathias Bonk
Mathias Bonk @MathiasBonk @JefGHealth FYI First used official @WHO list t.co/uxcDxlaLqV Then only forgot 2 change ALB&ALG. Election will be lottery like... Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 19. Jan