Berlin Institute of Global Health supporting German Ministry of Health

The German Ministry of Health has requested the support of the Berlin Institute of Global Health (Institut für Globale Gesundheit Berlin e.V.), an academic Think Tank, which is closely related to Think Global Health, to coordinate a group of German Think Tanks from various fields in order to prepare a position paper for an update of the government´s Global Health strategy. Dr. Mathias Bonk will be leading this project for the Berlin Institute of Global Health. Read more here (in German).

Latest Publication

Comparison of national HIV-testing strategies

The increasing availability of antiretroviral therapy has transformed HIV infection into a manageable chronic condition for millions of people worldwide,enabling them to live longer and healthier lives. UNAIDS estimates that only 54% of the 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV are aware of their serostatus. Therefore considerable efforts have been made to expand HIV testing services to achieve earlier diagnosis and treatment for the individual and to prevent the spread of the infection to those at risk. The aim of this study, which we have conducted for the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, is to provide information about the current strategies and guidelines for HIV-testing. Find out more here