Dr. Mathias Bonk


My vision is to enhance health globally by improving the linkages between scientific evidence, other knowledge and decision-making. 

My main goals are 

Michaela Told on GH
Michaela Told on GH @michaelatold_GH #WHODG candidates @IHEID @GHC_IHEID on 6/3/2017 at 3 pm CET - ask ur questions & join the event or live webcast!… Retweetet von Mathias Bonk Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 17. Feb
Mathias Bonk
Mathias Bonk @MathiasBonk A man who inspired millions to love data. He will be missed, but his work and passion will stay with us forever! RI… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 7. Feb
Mathias Bonk
Mathias Bonk @MathiasBonk @DrSophieHarman #WHODG candidates campaign a lot, don´t think it will make much diff for MS decisions - I prefer re… Antworten Retweeten Favorisieren 2. Feb